Tired of endless stress and project errors? Discover the secret to a high-performing construction team
"Your business is only as good as your team. An ineffective and disengaged team reveals itself in project errors, margin erosion, client complaints, bad culture, lack of ownership and your long hours and stress!"
This Framework will teach you to:
  • Quickly and intelligently evaluate your team's current profile and performance, and craft the perfect team structure for optimal results.
  • Discover the ideal timing for parting ways with underperforming team members, particularly after employing two key management strategies.
  • How to transform the 'problem child' to a superstar. This one technique will save you a lot of hassle and headspace.
  • Learn tested and effective management techniques that will unleash the full potential of each team member, enabling you to construct and sustain a high-performing team.
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Uncover the power of this framework and become a powerhouse building & maintenance contractor or subcontractor by learning to empower, motivate and transform your team.

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